Quilt Preparation


To ensure the best quilting result and the quickest job time, please check over this list before sending your quilt to be delivered;

To ensure the tight stitching and a crisp finish to every quilt, please iron both the quilt top and backing. 

Please check the quilt edges are even and balanced on all sides (best to be checked before you complete the quilt borders).
By checking the edges before sending, this will ensure no future complications when quilting the two together. 

It is great to have a sound understanding of your fabric choice, before you finish and send your work for quilting. When selecting your fabrics, it is best to speak with your retailer about your intention, but also feel free to get in touch with us, to offer our advice on best quilting materials. 

Ideally, all backing material would arrive as one piece for optimal results. Although, if the backing is pieced, please ensure they are neat and square, otherwise, just let us know on the order form how you would like the backing material to be positioned. 

We have a wide range of thread colours to offer to you in the studio. Let us know what thread you would like and we will be our best to match it. Otherwise, we can also offer our advice or choose a thread that we think would work best with your quilt. 

We have a range of wadding options at an additional cost to the quilting service. Let us know before you send your quilt or on the orderform, for us to include this cost in our service. 


If you have any enquiries or questions, we would love to hear from you... 
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