The Studio


Quilting Finesse is a quality quilting company situated on the northern beaches of Sydney. 

Establishing the business, after a life long love of patchwork and quilting,
Jayne brings a contagious energy and excitement to every project. 
With endless possibilites on our 12-foot long arm Gammill machine,
we always aim make each quilt unique, fulfilling and exceeding all client expectations.

To ensure a long-lasting, professionally crafted piece of work, we only use the best in equipment and product.

In the studio, we work with the Gammill Classic Plus machine. 
Although it may look intimidating, the 12-foot machine allows us to completely customise stitches,
pattern and speed, with the flexibility to work completely free on our custom quilts. 

Our Gammill is loaded not only with classic favourite patterns and features, 
but we also take pride on being a leader in and sharing modern, fresh design options.

To deliver a personal and professional service,
with the highest regard for design and craftsmanship.

If you have any enquiries or questions, we would love to hear from you... 
Call us: 0413 756 844
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